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We are Baltimore: Highlighting the good in Charm City

Posted at 12:21 PM, Jul 29, 2019

BALTIMORE — Baltimore is a place with many struggles.

From empty homes to homelessness, government scandals to shootings, there are a lot of negative things to focus on inside Baltimore City. While those issues are present, it's also important to remember there is a silver lining to the struggles, people who rise up every day and try to make a difference.

We cannot ignore the negative, but that doesn't mean we have to hide the positive. We are Baltimore.

Baltimore man works to get squeegee kids off the streets

The squeegee kids are well known in Baltimore. Some believe they're aggressive or violent, but the ones WMAR-2 News talked to on Thursday said they're just trying to make a buck. Now, one Baltimore man is working to get these kids off the streets and change the stereotype.

"Educated Boxer" showing kids they have a fighter's chance

There's a boxing gym in Druid Heights that's teaching kids the importance of their mind before they can learn the power of their fists.

Baltimore City art students 'Uplift Baltimore'

Every year the Courting Art Baltimore Contest for Baltimore City high school students has been growing since they started four years ago. For 2019, 55 students entered the contest, nearly double compared to 2018.

Baltimore elementary school students transform vacant rowhomes with art

Kindergartners are taking the future of Baltimore into their own hands. Armed with paint and brushes, they made vacant rowhomes their canvases.

'Restoring Inner City Hope' is bringing positivity to young men in Baltimore

It was like a pep rally. But instead of cheering on their team, these teens were rooting for themselves, their community and the youth of Baltimore.

'The Be' is giving kids the room to dream in Baltimore

The Be is the answer to what ails Baltimore. For five years, this non-profit has given young Baltimoreans room to dream through projects, field trips, and lots and lots of talking.

“I’m from Baltimore, and I’m okay”: Teen speaks out about perceptions of Charm City

I’m from Baltimore, and I’m okay...

These words are making way around social media this week. The phrase comes from a Baltimore teen who had to use six words to describe where she is from and what does it mean for a school assignment.

5-year-old spreads love by leaving flowers on neighbor's doorsteps

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can make a big impact on others, and one 5-year-old in Baltimore is the perfect example of just that.

Nearly one year in, Roca is chipping away at juvenile crime in Baltimore

Even on a mucky Monday, there's a certain joy within a work crew on Harlem Avenue in West Baltimore. The joy is in the work and in the road to redemption.

Man survives the streets to become the hero of the Perkins Homes

Colin Jones had every excuse to be lost to the streets. Before he was the Director of the Power House Living Classroom in Southeast Baltimore, he was a product of growing up during a rough time in the Perkins Homes.

Nonprofit offers summer karate class to teach teens discipline, help them cope with violence

In the midst of growing concerns about summer programs for teenage boys in Baltimore City, one Baltimorean is taking initiative.

Using basketball to build strong mental health practices

At the Give N’ Grow basketball clinic at the New Era Blacktop in Cherry Hill, kids were learning how to rebound from the hard realities that life can bring.

Year Up, a training program that's changing lives

In today’s world employers in the technology field are often looking for young, gifted, talented workers. Many of Baltimore’s youth aren’t exposed to the opportunities that could propel them into life changing careers. Year Up is a work force training program that is aiming to change that narrative.

Barbershop talk: Being a dad in the city of Baltimore

Being a dad in one of the most violent cities in the country, it's a job so many men in the city of Baltimore have had to master.