5-year-old spreads love by leaving flowers on neighbor's doorsteps

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-07 18:53:20-04

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can make a big impact on others, and one 5-year-old in Baltimore is the perfect example of just that.

Amy Houck says her daughter Jade loves to give to others. On Saturday she showed that by walking around her neighborhood and putting a flower on doorsteps. Houck says Jade insisted that everyone would be so happy if they had a flower. 

And Houck says that actions like this are not uncommon, 

"She loves to give love to others, one time the electricity repair man was at our house all dirty and she looked at him, ran over and hugged his dirty work pant leg! And he goes 'I needed that'. She is very sensitive to others."

Kindness is a skill that Houck says she was taught as a little girl so she wanted to pass it along to her daughter. 

"It makes me feel so happy! She has so much joy in her heart! My mother taught me to be like this and I taught her. It's amazing that she gets it. We have a saying in our family, above all things, be kind."

Click below to see more pictures of Jade and Amy:

Houck is a single mother and says she is constantly challenged. Jade's father left when she was little and he hasn't seen her since she was 2-years-old, which is why Houck says it's so important that Jade shows and feels love.

"I have this tattoo on my hand “love always” it reminds me constantly that people need love even the ones that are mean to you. As a businesswoman, I have to deal with all types of people and I myself need a reminder to “love always” my daughter reminds me daily how much we all need love. She is the kind of kid that says hello to everyone everywhere, everyone knows her! I went to a random gas station in the city last week and some lady goes, 'Hey Jade!'"

Jade and Amy are a great example of the charming people that populate Charm City.