UMD president speaks out against travel ban

Posted at 9:14 AM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 09:14:28-05

Breaking its usual neutrality on political issues, the University of Maryland took a stance on President Donald Trump's travel ban.

"We have an obligation to speak out when ?government? actions ?are fundamentally antithetical to the core values and missions of the institution, ?especially when they adversely impact many members of our community," said UMD President Wallae Loh.

UMD joins Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Towson Univeristy and Morgan State University in responding to the executive action.

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According to Loh, around 350 people are affected by the ban at the campus - including a graduate student whose return to the U.S. has been blocked.

Loh said there are possibly three other people blocked from returning and that UMD is trying to intervene on their behalf.

A visiting professor from abroad informed the school that he will not return to UMD to teach as a personal protest of the executive action, even though the professor is not subject to the ban. 

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Loh also released a statement over the weekend welcoming "talented individuals of all nations to study, teach, and do research" at the university.

Loh's most recent statement, posted Tuesday,  is available on the UMD website

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