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'Enough is enough': Recent violence draws concerns from Fells Point residents

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 09:01:09-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore police continue to investigate two separate shootings that left three people injured in Fells Point this past weekend.

Residents are speaking out against the string of recent violence in their community.

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Three men shot in Fells Point

Back in April, beloved bouncer Marco Nunez was gunned down in Fells Point.

Now, three more people were victims to gun violence – on Aliceanna Street and Thames Street.

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Bouncer shot, killed in Fells Point

Residents in Fells Point said it is a safe community. However, the recent shootings are a concern.

Those residents also said it is too easy for young people to access guns, and they don’t resolve conflicts without using guns.

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“Enough is enough,” Fells Point resident Tye Tucker said.

Baltimore police released photos showing two persons of interest in a shooting that left two people injured in Fells Point around 2:30 a.m. in the 1600 block of Aliceanna Street.

Investigators also released a photo of the car they believe the two people used to getaway after the shooting.

“The young kids obviously are going out there and they’re shooting because they can’t fight,” Tucker said. “But they want to be tough and that’s not being tough.”

Hours before the shooting on Aliceanna Street, a man was taken to the hospital after he was shot multiple times in the 1600 block of Thames Street.

This shooting happened a little after midnight but police said the two shootings aren’t connected.

“He dropped in front of my buddies bar,” said John Doyle.

Doyle said he witnessed paramedics treating the victim in the Thames Street shooting.

“It started at Admirals Cup, he got shot by the lemonade stand, made it over to in front of one of my friends bar a few doors up and collapsed there,” Doyle said.

Despite the shootings, Doyle believes Fells Point is still a safe area, but he also thinks police should use undercover officers to patrol the area.

“You can’t put uniforms out here when uniforms already have a bad reputation, so you got to go undercover if you want to catch the guys with the guns,” Doyle said.

Tucker, who has lived in Fells Point for more than six years, said something needs to be done to address the crime because he thinks it’s driving people away.

“People from the county, you can tell they don’t come down here anymore,” Tucker said.