More companies showing you exactly where in America their products come from

Posted at 1:13 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 13:15:47-04

Many people look for the “Made in the USA” label when they shop, but we found some companies are now going a step further, not only are their products made in America, they’re grown and sewn here! 

It’s a new, local industrial revolution of sorts. Consumers can actually “trace” where their material came from and where it’s made. 

From an Alabama cotton field, to the local harvesting, processing equipment, cutting and sewing, to the store and online orders… 

At Red Land Cotton everything is grown, sewn and processed not only right in the U.S, but all around a regional location. “We love it. We take a lot of care in what we're doing,” Mark  Yaeger, co-founder of Red Land Cotton, told us. 

The family owned company can actually trace each luxury sheet, towel and bedding item you order back to the actual American cotton field where it was picked. “We feel it adds a level of quality and it adds the level of heart to our product,” Anna Brakefield, who co-founded Red Land Cotton with her father, Mark Yeager, told us. 

Similar to the “farm to table” concept, we found companies popping up across the country showing you exactly where in America every scrap of material came from, and where it was made. 

And consumers are looking for it, a survey by Cotton Incorporated found 65% are interested in buying clothing grown and manufactured in the U.S.

At McIntosh, founder of Homegrown Cotton, grows the material for his company’s polo shirts on his family’s U.S cotton farm. “By creating something local as possible you keep all the money local instead of it, you know, go one halfway around the world,” McIntosh told us. 

The shirts are sewn and manufactured regionally. McIntosh predicts you’ll be seeing more products sourced exclusively on a very local level.