A Plethora of Rain Opportunities

Rain chances linger through Friday...
Posted at 10:17 PM, Apr 04, 2022

Hold on to your umbrellas! Lots of rain chances are coming down the pipeline this week. A warm front will lift through the area Tuesday bringing lots of clouds and a few showers during first half of the day. That rain will move in from south to north. As we head into the evening, I expect a heavier round of rain to trickle in— after 9pm. Thankfully, severe weather is not expected.


By the Wednesday morning commute, the heavier rain will have lifted to our north, but I expect some lingering showers through lunchtime. After that, the day will be plagued with cloudy skies— and because of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere I still expect some lingering drizzle.


As far as the first half of this event, I expect roughly 1" to 1.5" of rain— but there's more around the corner. A cold front will approach the area Thursday and that means not only more widespread rain, but also the potential for a thunderstorm or two. It's a little too early to determine if we'll have the dynamics in place that would support severe weather, so stay tuned!