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Parents fight back after daughter's accused killer is released from jail, put on home detention

Posted at 4:55 AM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 18:13:19-04

BALTIMORE — "I’s not right in nobody’s case. It’s not right. It’s not fair," said Victor Brooks, Trinity Brooks' dad.

Trinity Brooks was hit by a car and killed in the beginning of December when she was walking home, on the sidewalk, from the grocery store. She was on Delvale Avenue in Dundalk when police say 30-year-old Jennifer Jones hit Brooks with her car.

According to the charging documents, Jones told police she was drinking heavily up until five minutes before the crash. They found 94 liquor bottles in her car, pills and heroin.

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"Heroin, crack, cocaine... it doesn't matter. You don't belong driving," said Tara Reinhardt, Brooks' mom. Victor Brooks questioned. "if you’re an addict why do you have a license? Why are you driving?" He added, "she should have never had her license to begin with but she did."

Jones is charged with homicide, manslaughter and drug charges. She's been at the Baltimore County Detention Center since she was arrested in December. On April 22, she was moved to private home detention.

"I’m infuriated about it. I feel like if it was the judges child or a child in the judges family she probably wouldn’t have gotten a slap on the wrist I bet you she would have made her stay behind bars," said Reinhardt.

The Baltimore County State's Attorney, Scott Shellenberger, said the coronavirus pandemic was part of the judges consideration to move Jones. The state rejected the move but the judge still continued with the order. Shellenberger stressed Jones is still in custody and is being monitored 24/7.

Brooks' parents believe Jones should still be in jail.

"I only want her to repent to feel what we feel. She isn’t gonna feel what we feel 100% because she has her children. I don’t want anything to happen to her or her children. I just want her to repent. I want her to pass the information on. I don’t want this to happen again," said Victor Brooks.

They created a petition for two things, to make sure Jones pays for what she did and to change the way the court handles things.

"Every time we turn around someone’s being killed by someone being negligent, drunk, under the influence. It’s just repeated. Nobody does nothing," said Victor Brooks.

They want stricter penalties when it comes to driving under the influence.

"Drinking and driving you go to jail for a year, you get caught again you lose your license or something along those lines," Victor Brooks said.

"We just don’t want a federal law for the drinking because obviously people are getting behind the wheel on other drugs and as well. Needs to be something done with driving under the influence. Period," Reinhardt emphasized.

Right now, they're just focused on getting as many signatures as they can and then moving forward with Trinitys' law.

If you want to help them, click here to sign the petition.