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5-year-old girl shot in the chest in Northwest Baltimore

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Posted at 7:50 PM, Apr 10, 2019

BALTIMORE, Md. — A young girl is at the hospital after being shot inside her home in the Glen neighborhood of Northwest Baltimore.

Her father was running up and down the street screaming as they waited for medics.

“He was just crying and screaming and hollering, 'oh my god oh my god,'” said James Cooper who lives in the area.

Toys were seen scattered across the yard laying next to a bloody blanket.

"I just saw the baby laying over there on that blanket and the father just hollering and screaming but we didn’t know what happened,” Cooper said.

Police say the 5-year-old girl was shot inside of her home located on the 3300 block of Menlo Drive.

“As you can imagine this was a very frantic scene when police arrived,” said Baltimore Police Detective Nicole Monroe. “The child was rushed to an area hospital where I’m told she’s stable. It appears to be accidental. I don’t know how that accident occurred. Whether or not she shot her self or was shot by someone else in the house.”

The girl's condition has been stabilized after what officers are calling a tragic accident. Police are investigating if the parents were home at the time of the shooting but say they are cooperating and are with their daughter at the hospital.

“It could have been any of the little kids in the neighborhood,” Cooper said.

Councilman Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer was at the scene of the shooting saying that the Glen Community is a unified one and everyone is holding their kids a little closer.

“There were neighbors and others who are crying up the block and who are emotional I mean as we all are,” said Schleifer. “Especially when you have a child who was shot obviously in an accidental situation. Still there is a child in a hospital fighting to recover.”

Police are still working to find out who the gun belongs to and and if anyone was inside of the home at the time of the shooting.