When moms and modern technology don't mix

Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 09, 2016

Moms using new technologies can make for some hilarious situations. This one guy put his mother-in-law in a hurricane simulator. It looks like the hurricane was worth every penny because mom and son-in-law were both laughing over the experience.

This next mom strapped on some virtual reality goggles for a taste of a thrilling theme park ride. With the VR goggles on, she was completely screaming and reacting like she was riding a roller coaster right there in the kitchen.

Finally, grandma jumped on a hoverboard for a ride around the living room. Just as her grandkids tell her to go faster, the fun comes to a crashing end. Luckily, grandma seemed to be OK.

We applaud all of these moms for fearlessly trying out these cool gadgets.