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VIDEO: Body cam footage released of two officer-involved shootings that took place within days of each other

Posted at 3:25 PM, Aug 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-20 15:01:58-04

BALTIMORE — Thursday afternoon Baltimore police released body camera footage of two officer-involved shootings within days of each other.

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While the shooting downtown last Thursday is pretty crystal clear, the one on Monday that left 40 year old Marcus Martin is drawing a lot of questions.

The events leading up to BPD officer Alexandros Haziminas shooting Terrance Hillman leaving him injured Thursday are pretty clear on cameras.

He can be seen running away from police then he turns around aiming his weapon at officers.

Police say after their investigation they determined at some point Hillman attempted to shoot one of the rounds in his gun but failed.

The details surrounding the shooting that left Martin dead aren't so clear in videos provided by BPD.

Police responded to his home on Alta avenue in response to an armed individual experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

“There was an officer who is trained in crisis response. All of the individuals on the SWAT team are trained in crisis response,” said BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Officers say after hours of trying to make contact with Martin, who was apparently heavily armed, around 3AM police deployed a robot to his front door.

“The first shot was from the individual from the home. The second shot you heard would have been from the SWAT sniper,” Harrison explained.

Police say Martin stepped out, armed then shot out of his door hitting a robot they deployed.

“If you can picture inside of the residence he was behind the door, the robots were on the front steps,” said Brian Nadeau, BPD’s deputy commissioner of public integrity.

“He came up to the door frame and peaked out around and looked outside, stepped out behind the door frame and shot diagonally outside in the direction of the robot. diagonally straight across the street was the sniper looking back at him and the second shot is the sniper,” Nadeau continued.

But the Officer Jeffrey Archambault’s body cam was disabled during Monday’s shooting.

“The body-worn camera video on a sniper because the body worn camera emits a light from the front of it when its on and activated so that we know that its on and working could put a person in danger if they're taking up a sniper position in the dark,” Nadeau said.

As part of department policy, both officers Haziminas and Archambault will go on administrative leave.

How long that investigation will take is unclear at this time.

The body camera footage for both incidents can be seen below.