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Successful AFRAM event sheds light on safety measures ahead of Baltimore's Pride parade

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 17:47:09-04

BALTIMORE — It’s been one week since the AFRAM festivities kicked off at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore.

On Saturday, the PRIDE parade will begin at that same location.

Hundreds of thousands of people participated with no incidents to report last weekend.

Mayor Brandon Scott told WMAR-2 News they are anticipating the same thing this weekend, a fun and safe Pride event.

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Mayor Scott talked about some of the takeaways when it comes to keeping people safe at those large events, and it starts with implementing the same security measures that have been successful.

“We had a great, safe AFRAM, which we always do. We had a great safe CIAA, we have the same thing when we have the Preakness, we had the same thing with Paul McCartney, when thousands and thousands of people get together in Baltimore in peace,” Scott said.

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Scott also said they’re anticipating the same success for any large events moving forward.

Last week, more than 200,000 people attended AFRAM for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic.

This year, there were some new safety measures including keeping people safe from COVID.

“We were reminding people that COVID, it is still real. If you were there, you know there was a lot of hand sanitizer, they even had folks we were actually even vaccinating folks out there,” Scott said.

Scott said this is an example of what it looks like for the best of Baltimore to come together and have a good time, while collaborating with city leaders. Scott said which is exactly what they are looking forward to during this weekend’s PRIDE parade.

“Yeah, I will be having that kind of collaboration as Pride will be at Druid Hill Park this weekend, as well supporting folks in their right to be there to celebrate their culture,” Scott said. “It also shows to me that we can do this every day if everyone works together."

Bringing people together in peace and unity to just enjoy each other’s good company was the mission for AFRAM. City leaders said that was a success and they’re hopeful the same will continue for this weekend’s Pride event.