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HBCU bomb threats leave students concerned about campus safety

Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 18:08:20-05

BALTIMORE — There are new details in the bomb threats that took place at several HBCU’s across the nation.

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Some of the universities impacted by the bomb threats were right in the Baltimore area and the FBI has now identified several persons of interest they believe to be responsible for those threats.

Morgan State was one of those universities impacted by bomb threats, and the FBI said they believe these threats were racially motivated.

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Students like Elijah Jenkins and Ashlee Razor said they agree.

“It’s 2022, why are we still doing this? Racism is still in today’s world,” Jenkins said.

Since Monday, the FBI reported more than 20 bomb threats were made to several HBCUs across the country. Now, at least five persons of interest are believed to be responsible for making the threats, and they said the threats were likely racially motivated.

“These bomb threats should not be happening anymore but people still have their ways of thinking especially when it comes down to black people and HBCUs, it’s just it’s sad,” Razor said.

On Tuesday at the start of Black History Month, Coppin and Morgan State were two of those universities who were forced to move its classes online for the day because of bombs threats made to their campus. Howard University in Washington, DC was another university targeted for threats.

“What if it was real and then somebody got hurt by it, I just don’t like that. Some people that actually live on campus were frightened and scared,” Jenkins said.

The FBI confirmed no bombs were found after sweeps were performed on all the campuses. However, this has left many students at Morgan State with mixed emotions of shock and fear, wondering why Historically Black Colleges and Universities were targeted in the first place.

“It’s 2022, this shouldn’t be a problem, it’s taking away from not just our lives, but every other HBCU that received these bomb threats it’s taken away from every student,” Razor said.

Students like Razor said in times like these, she’s sure to keep the quote and response from her school president handy to express the spirit of perseverance.

“Our history has been one where we have endured all kinds of challenges and disruptions but we have always emerged stronger. This is just a minor setback we’ll be fine we’ll be good. So hopefully they find out whoever is behind this and charge them,” Razor said.

FBI officials said the persons of interest were found through prank calls from a fake telephone number, right now the have not identified any of the people they believe to be responsible for these threats.