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Shooting causes crash leaving driver, pedestrian injured in North Baltimore

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-30 18:20:01-04

BALTIMORE — In North Baltimore police are investigating after a shooting led to a driver hitting a pedestrian.

The incident occurred near East Lorraine and Greenmount Avenue around 2:30am on Monday.

People like Ms. Francine who lives on the block where it happened said crime like break-ins and shootings, used to happen a lot more frequently until police started consistently making their presence known in the area.

Home surveillance video showed police responding to a vehicle crash they said was caused by the driver being struck by a bullet before hitting a pedestrian.

Francine lives near East Lorraine Avenue and Greenmount where it happened and she said it was her friend who was struck by the driver who had been shot .

She also said thanks to law enforcement for investing in the community by installing things like extra lights and cameras to fight crime, those tactics have been helpful.

“Every neighborhood is becoming a problem this day and time but if we could somewhat come together, I believe there could be an improvement. The person that was hit by the car I knew that person. He’s been throughout the area for years,” Francine said.

Home security footage provided by a different neighbor shows first responders rolling a stretcher to help the people who were injured.

Police said once there they found the man who had been hit by the car with a head injury, along with the man who was shot while driving, both men were then sent to the hospital.

“Everybody else was outside, not me. They did not say his condition, all I know is that, I think it’s a little on the critical side. I’m just praying that things will get better,” Francine said.

Many neighbors said this incident does leave them somewhat concerned but before police started investing in the community and having a larger presence things were a lot worse.

“Where ever it’s dark, and a lot of crime goes on they have those lights. I guess they call them crime prevention lights or whatever, they turn them on, and it’s very bright. I’ve been around here 40 something years and every little bit of communication which is the most important thing every little bit helps,” Francine said.

Its unclear what caused the shooting that led to this crash. However, Francine said in addition to the lights, city watch cameras, and police presence, she hopes law enforcement will continue to utilize these crime fighting methods to detour people from committing violent crimes in this neighborhood.

“Every little thing that they can do for improvement will help,” Francine said.