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30 days since the Brooklyn mass shooting, what now?

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-02 17:36:39-04

BALTIMORE — It’s been one month since the Brooklyn mass shooting and there has still been no arrest for the shooters.

On the one month anniversary, some city agencies like leaders from the Baltimore Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (MONSE) talked about how they’re responding to continue supporting that community.

City services were rolled out as part of the neighborhood stabilization response following that shooting, and 30 days later city agencies are still working to rebuild trust in the Brooklyn community.

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“Everything that’s been happening going on it’s been chaotic and crazy,” Katrina said.

Its how Brooklyn resident Katrina described the surrounding community 30 days after 30 people were shot and two of them killed during a block party that happens every year.

It was an incident that caused several city agencies to join forces pouring resources in the community.

“It should have been happening but I guess it’s better late than never,” Katrina said.

MONSE leaders like Rick Fontaine Leandry said after the shooting they quickly organized a neighborhood stabilization response set to last 45 days.

“A lot of the resources we’ve been focusing on like trauma healing, we’ve been doing a lot of mental health therapy. We’ve been trying to focus on other issues that contribute to violence and contribute to the neglect and issues that caused poverty,” Fontaine Leandry said.

Some of the other deeper-rooted issues addressed were the food desert that the Brooklyn community sits in. Leaders have been providing food for as many families that needed it in the area, and providing the resources for people to gain opportunities of employment.

“We’re not just offering jobs, but were offering career training where people can have careers not just a job. Things we’ve learned the community had not had overtime because they have been neglected,” Fontaine Leandry said.

Mayor Brandon Scott said homicides statistics in the city show a 25% decrease, a 7% decrease in non-fatal shootings and violent crime overall since this time last year. However, the numbers won’t change the support efforts in the Brooklyn community.

“We’ll continue to wrap our arms around that community providing the services and the community stabilization efforts,” Scott said.

This is something neighbors said they wish was happening a long time ago.

“Now, I guess they’re trying to just get a wrap on things, what should’ve been happening like months years ago,” Katrina said.

“We’ll be here forever as far as support. We want the community to know it’s safe to come outside,” Fontaine Leandry said.

MONSE leaders said BPD has increased their presence in that community, there is also an after-action review that is set to be released on the 45th day following this shooting that will investigate the polices response on the day.