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Family of Korryn Gaines calls for justice nearly five years after her death

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 19:35:11-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD — The cries for justice in Korryn Gaines' death continue nearly 5 years after she was shot and killed by a Baltimore County police officer.

Gaine's family and legal team are demanding the $38 million granted by a jury more than three years ago in her wrongful shooting.

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The mother of Korryn Gaines spoke to a crowd packed with supporters Wednesday morning telling them her healing has been put on hold by Baltimore County.

"It does not take five years to understand what you've done to this family. This family's hurting. You're sitting in the courtroom arguing about your schedule, when is justice on the schedule?" Reverend Al Sharpton asked a crowd of supporters.

The pain Korryn Gaines' mother feels thinking about the death of her daughter is far from faded.

August 1st will mark five years since Gaines was shot and killed in a 6-hour long standoff by Baltimore County police.

It has not allowed me to move forward in my light emotional psychology which all affects my physical," she shared with the crowd.

Supporters of Gaines' family are hoping they don't go into their fifth year since her death mourning empty handed..

Back and forth rulings stemmed from the case since 2018 when a jury awarded the family $38 million in damages.

"The award that was rendered in this case was rendered to take care of these babies and their future because they are left without a mom," Attorney Gordon shared.

"A jury in the court of law found the county liable and awarded damages and the judge dismissed the damages and the court of special appeals reinstated the damages," said Rev. Sharpton.

Wednesday's hearing was geared toward scheduling but timeliness of justice was the focus of demonstrators just outside the courthouse.

"When will you respect the decision of the jury that was underscored by the court of special appeals? Until you do that we'll all be coming here," Sharpton told the crowd.

"The jury made it very clear when they brought down the 38 million dollar judgment against the county because they heard everything," Gaine's mother said.

She says somehow the facts of the case along with their cries for justice are still falling on deaf ears.