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Company Makes Baby Bottle Tops In Different Colors To Match Moms’ Skin Tones

Company Makes Baby Bottle Tops In Different Colors To Match Moms’ Skin Tones
Posted at 1:20 PM, Jul 06, 2020

Baby bottles are necessities for parents who formula-feed their tots. The problem is, most of the nipple options for those bottles tend to be designed with white families in mind.

However, Mimijumi, a company that specializes in the design and production of infant care products, offers its range of baby bottles with tops that feature darker nipples. The nipple colors, which match the skin tone of many moms more closely, can help eliminate a baby’s preference for bottles. Such nipples can also reduce the possibility that babies will refuse a bottle being offered in place of breastfeeding.

Like all Mimijumi bottles, these are designed to encourage bottle feeding by ensuring baby can latch and control the flow of milk. The bottles are easy to prepare and easy to clean without the need for a bottle brush. They also include an integrated venting system to eliminate colic and come free of bisphenol A, bisphenol S and all chemicals found in traditional baby bottles that are known to activate estrogen.


The Not So Hungry (4-ounce) baby bottle ($28) and Very Hungry (8-ounce) baby bottle ($29) are both available with darker nipples. The Mimijumi starter bottle set ($60) is also an option and it includes one Very Hungry baby bottle with a darker nipple, one Not So Hungry baby bottle with a darker nipple and one replacement nipple.

Fans of Mimijumi bottles agree that the company’s products make the transfer from breast to bottle much easier. They say the bottles make feeding a more comfortable, stress-free experience for the baby and the parent. And for Black parents and other parents of color, the darker nipple is a big plus.

“The color of the nipple helps with confusion for breastfed babies,” wrote one customer in a review on the Mimijumi website. “The idea is genius! My baby nephew has no issue going from boob to bottle then bottle back to boob.”

This baby on Mimijumi’s Facebook feed is clearly in a milk coma after feeding:

“I LOVE the darker nipple! These are the only bottles for my daughter moving forward,” wrote a very satisfied customer.

Another mom couldn’t hide her enthusiasm, writing, “I’m so excited finally my prayers have been answered.”

Of course, the company makes bottle tops to match lighter skin tones, too, as you can see in this adorable Facebook photo a happy parent shared with the company.

Kudos to Mimijumi for offering a more inclusive version of an essential product that will help make many parents’ lives easier!

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