Why You'll Need Lotion & Chapstick Tomorrow

Dewpoints in the teens...
Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-28 18:53:44-05

If you are like me, you may have noticed your skin/lips getting really dry, cracked or chapped lately.

If so, the culprit... especially over the last couple of weeks, has been the weather.
You often see us show dewpoints in the summer to describe how "comfortable" the day will be. Dewpoint temperature measures how much moisture is in the air-- it is the temperature in which the air can no longer hold all the water in it, resulting in saturation. In winter, we can simplify this by saying the lower the dewpoint, the drier the air is--- which means you'll like need an extra lather or two of lotion... and it may be a good idea to keep an extra chapstick in the car.


Tomorrow will be another one of those dry days. Dewpoints will struggle to get out of the teens. Combine that with cold temperatures and breezy winds, it may not be the best day for outdoor activities. Winds will gust Tuesday 20-25 mph through the afternoon.


Afternoon highs will climb into the lower 40s (seasonal temps), but when we factor in the wind, the feel like temperatures (wind chills) will start out in the mid 20s and only max out in the mid 30s Tuesday afternoon.


A warm front will bring temperatures back into the 50s later this week, but those temps will be coupled with rain chances.