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Warmest start on record

Records date back to 1873
Posted at 4:56 PM, Apr 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-26 17:11:02-04

BALTIMORE — It has been a warm year so far. In fact it is the warmest start ever! We will take the time frame of Jan. 1st to April 25th (that is the data we had when this blog was written). Then look at the average temperature for that period.

2020 ranks 5th and comes in at 46.2°.
1949 ranks 4th at 46.3° (this year is tied for the warmest year on average if you look at the whole year)
1921 ranks 3rd at 46.9°
2012 ranks second at 47°
2023 ranks number 1 at 48.5°

Warmest years ranked

A lot can still happen for the rest of the year and we certainly haven't seen much heat this week. That being said, if you have felt like we have had a lot of warm days this year, you'd be correct!

Our warmest high so far this year has been 89° on 4/13 and our warmest low was 64° on 4/15. Finally, our warmest average temperature for a day was 4/6 at 73°