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How our wet week stacks up

Comparing this past week's rain totals to entire months this year.
Posted at 4:44 PM, May 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-03 16:44:00-04

BALTIMORE — It would likely not come as a shock to hear that it has been a wet stretch in our area this past week. When you put numbers to it, though, it becomes more clear how much rain we have really had. Lets take seven days worth of rain totals. For this blog I will take the week of 5/2 going back to 4/26. That is the most recent numbers I have at the time of writing this (5/3).

Week rain totals

It has been very active with at least some rain each day. April 27th was the only day this past week without measurable rain. When you add it all up we get to 2.27" in one week. Most of that came on April 28th with a daily total of 1.82". This came at a much needed time with it being so dry to start the year.

Here is a comparison to the rain we have had this past week and the entire month of January, February, and March:

Rain comparison

In January we got 1.68". In February. 2.18". In March, 1.49". Those are all lower than this past week. this helped make up for the deficit we had, but we will need a bit more.