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Flash drought in Maryland

Moderate drought back in the state
Posted at 9:32 PM, Jun 28, 2024

A flash drought is defined as "the rapid onset or intensification of drought. It is set in motion by lower-than-normal rates of precipitation, accompanied by abnormally high temperatures, winds, and radiation." Radiation being solar radiation or just sunlight.

We have met those condition in Maryland with May coming in at 2.76" of rain (below average by 1.09") and June at only .51" of rain for the whole month! It has also been very hot with several days in the upper 90 and even a temp over 100°.

You may have noticed this if your yard is turning brown. We had such a went spring it is hard to imagine drought conditions back so soon. Moderate drought is the brown color on the map and yellow is abnormally dry.

Here is to hoping we get more rain and this improves.