Want To Experience Triple Digit Temperatures?

Southwest can help you....and not the airline company....
Posted at 7:10 PM, Jul 10, 2020

With temperatures in the low 90s this weekend...some of you heat-lovers may be itching for warmer temperatures... (funny right!) In any case, if you prefer a nice arid heat environment.. hop on a flight to the southwestern corner of the country! Temperatures for some folks are projected to top 120 degrees. Temperatures in Death Valley California are forecasted to reach 126 degrees-- about 8 degrees cooler than the hottest day ever recorded on earth, when Death Valley reached 134 degrees!


Excessive heat warnings are in effect for portions of Nevada, California, and Arizona, as the hottest temperatures of the year so far are expected this weekend. We will be watching the high pressure system that will bring those scorching temperatures to the southwest as it meanders across the country.


At the moment, there are two plausible tracks--- a northern track and a southern track. In any case, our weather will be influenced by this by midweek. The good news-- we will NOT see 120 degree temperatures in Maryland....but highs will be warming into the mid 90s by Thursday.