Too Many Tropical Systems!

2020 Atlantic Hurricane List Exhausted!
Posted at 7:28 PM, Sep 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 19:28:12-04

We have been telling you for months how crazy this hurricane season has been---and the madness continues. Just today-- multiple storms were upgraded. Tropical Storm Wilfred developed this afternoon in the Atlantic Ocean, exhausting the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season name list. Subtropical storm Alpha developed early today and has made landfall in Portugal and we're of course watching newly formed Tropical Storm Beta in the Gulf of Mexico.


Steering mechanisms in the Gulf of Mexico are very weak....with that being said, it makes the forecast for Beta very tricky. Guidance supports the systems meandering in the Gulf of Mexico through the beginning of next week-- and that means rain...and plenty of it for folks in Texas-- and some of that will likely stretch into parts of Louisiana...where folks are rebuilding after Hurricane Laura in Southwest Louisiana.


Tropical Storm Wilfred doesn't look overly impressive, but the forecast calls for some strengthening--but the overall environment is not conducive to further development in the short term.. so it will likely weaken heading into the beginning of next week.


Hurricane Teddy, the second major hurricane of the season, has winds sustained near 125mph, which makes it a Category 3 storm. Thankfully, this system will not have any direct impacts to the United States, but will likely impact folks in Bermuda. It will eventually lift off towards Nova Scotia, and could bring hurricane forced winds to Newfoundland.