The Tropics Are Simmering (For May)

Ahead of schedule...
Posted at 6:41 PM, May 21, 2021

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st. With that being said, mother nature clearly does not respect the timeline.
We are currently monitoring two in the Gulf of Mexico, the other in the Atlantic-- that both have a better than average chance of development over the weekend.

Let's begin with the system that is closest to the mainland. Currently the well-defined low pressure system has winds of 30-35 mph near and east of the center. There isn't much shower/thunderstorm activity, but any increase in thunderstorms near its center may result in the formation of a short-lived tropical depression or storm before the system moves inland over the northwestern Gulf coast.


The system in the Atlantic continues to be rather unorganized. There's still enough time for it to get better organized-- it is already producing 39mph+ winds-- so we're just waiting to see if an organized low pressure center develops...


If either of these systems develop-- Ana will be the assigned name. After the 2020 Hurricane Season, the National Hurricane Season created an alternate list in the event that we exhaust the above list of names. No longer will storms be named after the Greek alphabet.