The Tropics Are Simmering

One depression...another likely later this week...
Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 14, 2021

Tropical Depression Two formed in that Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina earlier today. Winds are now sustained at 35mph, and it is swiftly moving towards the northeast at 18 mph. This is the second system to form this season-- and it is forecast to become a tropical storm later tonight. If intensifies this evening, it will be named Bill.


The system will continue on its northeasterly track, gradually weakening to a post-tropical low and dissipating on Wednesday. Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms have been firing up in the Bay of Campeche in association with an area of low pressure. The system should begin moving northward during the middle of the week, where it will likely develop into a tropical depression--before impacting the central or northwestern gulf coast. The chance of development within the next five days is "high".