Rain continues to be an issue throughout area

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jul 25, 2018

Another day of rain and more worries as waters from Baltimore to Howard Counties got higher. 

In Ellicott City, Main Street, no stranger to flooding reopened after being shutdown around 8 p.m. Wednesday.   It was closed earlier due to heavy rain and rising waters but county leaders including County Executive Allan Kittleman said the channel there could hold the rain. People all over the area have been dealing with this wet mess for days.

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In Baltimore County the high waters could be seen at Gunpowder Falls

"Last night it seemed like it was getting better but then in the morning it got worse," said Jean Isennock, a Baltimore County resident.

Heavy rain caused fast moving and high water that left Baltimore County residents bracing themselves.

"We’ve never really had this much rain.  I don’t even think in Agnes we had this much rain."

In Catonsville and Howard County, blinding rain slowed traffic as did the pockets of standing water.

In Ellicott City, the entrance to Main Street was shut down for fear of flooding

Ellicott City resident Timmy Moran said ,"I've been here through quite a few floods and we kind of understand what to do."

Those who call Main Street home have seen the devastation most recently in may but they remain calm.

"I could sit here and worry but I’m not going to worry.  It’s not up to me to sort these floods out and it’s not up to you, we take what we get."

Ellicott City officials say they will continue to monitor the weather conditions to make sure the area remains  safe.