It's About To Get Chilly!!!

Meanwhile, there's a Cat 5 in the Caribbean...
Posted at 7:28 PM, Nov 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-16 22:12:11-05

Weather... just like life... can sometimes be an entire fool. (a doozy)

Let's break down this week's setup. We have a cold front pushing through the area tomorrow with a tight pressure gradient, which means the winds will be elevated. Winds will range 10-15mph, but will gust 25+mph.


Winds this high out of the northwest will bring wind chill, the cooling effect of wind blowing on your skin, into view. Morning feel like temperatures will hover near 30° with communities north and west of Baltimore a little cooler. The maximum wind chill Tuesday only climbs to the mid 40s, with the numbers dipping back towards 20° as we head into the overnight hours.


Highs Wednesday struggle to get to mid 40s, then temperatures bump back into the 60s to round out the work week. Meanwhile-- we are tracking our first Category 5 hurricane in the Caribbean! Right now Hurricane Iota has sustained winds of 160mph and continues it's westward progression at 9mph. Iota is one of only two Category 5 hurricanes (in the Atlantic Basin) on record to develop in November...and it is the latest developing Category 5 storm on record. The only other Cat 5 hurricane to develop in November was the 1932 Cuba hurricane which reached category 5 status November 5th-8th.


Iota is forecast to impact Nicaragua-- which was just devastated by category 4 Hurricane Eta on November 3rd. Nicaragua has never had two major hurricanes make landfall in the same season prior to 2020. Flooding rainfall is expected to be one of the biggest dangers for Central America-- which means that mudslides are also likely. Honduras and northern Nicaragua may pick up 10 to 20 inches, with isolated totals up to 30 inches!