First snowfall of the year brings wintry mix

Posted at 9:49 PM, Jan 07, 2020

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — Driving through Baltimore County on Tuesday evening, you saw snow covered lawns, houses and roads after hours of big flakes coming down.

"It's the first actual accumulation. First snowballs for this amount of snow instead of just blowing," said Amanda Merrey from Sparks. She was walking in the snow with her friend Heather Kness and pup, Finn.

"It’s just kind of magical. We both work together and I knew the snow was gonna be going for a while so we just wanted to walk around," Merrey said. Kness added, "and he needed to get exercise anyway. It’s just so nice out!"

They didn't leave work early today since they work right up the street from where they live but many others got out of work and school early on Tuesday. Something Charlie Gischlar, the spokesperson for MDOT, said he was happy to hear since they weren't able to pre-treat the roads because there was rain with the snow.

"We couldn’t pre-treat because it would just wash the material away," he said. "We’re gonna be deployed. We’re deployed now. We’re in full operation."

Crews were out all evening salting and clearing the roads to hopefully make for a quiet commute on Wednesday morning.

"All it takes is one degree temperature difference to have wet pavement to icy pavement," said Gischlar.

MDOT now has an app, Statewide Transportation Operations Response App so you can see where trucks are and where they've been. For more information, click here.