Roman, Ravens trying to 'create a positive' out of Lamar Jackson's absence

McSorley and Huntley running the offense as Jackson (COVID-19) remains sidelined
Greg Roman
Posted at 1:55 PM, Jul 30, 2021

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — When you are trying to build and improve on an offense for a new season, having your MVP starting quarterback on the shelf isn’t where you begin.

"Well, it’s certainly not a positive," said Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman. "But, we got to create a positive out of this thing. We got to get a great plan, when he does come back, on how we can kind of try to make up for the time as best we can. That’s really the game that we have to play. If he was here that would be great. But he’s not so now what do we do?"

They communicate with Lamar Jackson in alternative ways while he’s out with COVID-19.

"We have a method of communication with Lamar. Lamar is engaged with us right now mentally and whatnot," said Roman.

Until he comes back it’s backup quarterbacks Trace McSorley and Tyler Huntley running the show.

"Great opportunity for them and I think they are doing a really good job with it," said Roman. "They are getting reps that guys pray for and they are doing a good job taking advantage of it."

McSorley and Huntley will be the quarterbacks when the Ravens pack up camp and head to M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday night. The stadium practices are always a highlight each and every year and you know the team is looking forward to getting a camp practice at their game day home in front of fans after not being able to in 2020.

"I can’t wait because it’s such a great opportunity. I think it’s a great opportunity, for fans that are really football nerds, to get in there and look at our team," said Head Coach John Harbaugh. "To me that’s why we do this. This is what really in the end it’s all about. It’s about people. So, it will be cool. It will be fun."

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