Longtime Orioles usher remembered by family

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 04, 2016

If you're at Oriole Park at Camden Yards for Opening Day, you are surrounded by tradition, from the food to the home team colors.

Then there are the amazing stories of family tradition that you get from so many people in the crowd.

"We Love the O's and we were raised that way, because that was his favorite team," Deborah Reiber said.

Reiber was at Opening Day for her dad, Luther Miracle.

"He was an usher for 55 years and he just died Feb. 1, and this is the first one that he missed and I'm used to seeing him here," she told ABC2.

The family said Miracle was a man who had seen it all.

They didn't enter the ball park that way, but Deborah, her brother and other family members made sure to walk over to their dad's old post, Gate C.

They had a chat with and shook hands with the man standing where their father did for more than half his life.

"We have a picture where my dad and Cal Ripken when he was playing together and my dad used to tell Cal he was the iron man in the field and my dad was the iron man in the stand because he never missed a game. ...  I know my dad's looking down, okay? But I wanted to be here for him. I owe him that much," Reiber's brother said.

The siblings said they would continue this new bittersweet tradition in honor of their father. 

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