Rebound Maryland


Pandemic affects volunteering at Greener Garden Urban Farm

Posted: 3:11 PM, Jun 24, 2020
Updated: 2020-06-25 20:04:12-04

For Warren and Lavette Blue, they've always had volunteers and trainees at their farm.

They're the owners and operators of Greener Garden Urban Farm

In previous years they would get an abundant amount of help with anything they needed. The volunteers would come any time they needed literally anything done.

But when the pandemic hit, everything changed.

"We couldn’t get the help because of the virus, that’s the gist of it. Some people still wanted to volunteer. But we had to think of it in terms of safety."

They said it took an emotional toll on them, but they do have a rebound plan.

"We’re going to get plants in the ground later in the season," they explained. "I'm just going to go it here and do what I gotta do."

They say it's all about being resilient.

"There should not be food deserts. If you look around the inner city there are no stores. So those are the things we think about," they explained. "That kind of motivated us to keep on going."

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