Rushern Baker's issues

What he would focus on if he were Governor

Rushern Baker is running on the campaign slogan of "For All of Us". Here is an outline of his issues he says he will prioritize if he was Maryland's Governor. Click here to see his campaign website. 

Women’s rights

  • Equal pay for women before 2042 by preventing employers from asking salary history
  • Paid parental leave for 12 weeks will receive 70% of full paycheck
  • Provide affordable childcare by providing funding to increase the market value of Maryland's childcare voucher, creating childcare apps, and providing tax credits for companies that provide child care
  • Provide tax subsidies and grant institutions for women entrepreneurs
  • End sexual harassment in the workplace by auditing incidents among state employees and more.
  • Prevent sexual assault on college campuses by creating task forces focused on taking preventative steps and requiring Maryland public schools to establish resource centers. 


  • Invest in renewable clean energy and infrastructure for a statewide recycling and composting system
  • Create green jobs
  • Protect the environment by instituting a statewide ban on Styrofoam and plastic bags
  • The Baker Greenprint for Maryland plan
    • Aims to make Maryland the first state with 100% clean energy and zero waste
    • Resilient communities
    • Restore the Chesapeake Bay
    • Improve Maryland air quality

Campaign Finance

  • Introduce legislation that would prohibit candidates from receiving direct campaign contributions from corporations or Political Action Committees. 
  • Change the Maryland Election Law similar to Montgomery and Howard County systems
  • Create legislation that would require Maryland Super PACs to contribute funds, proportional to their total expenditures, to pay for the Maryland Democracy Fund. 


  • Increase teacher salaries
  • Create more dual-enrollment programs
  • Expand universal pre-k and full-day kindergarten
  • Affordable higher learning


  • Transportation policy will focus on investing in infrastructure that advances sustainability and economic and social equity for all
  • Create solutions to our transit problems that would do more than take more cars off the road
  • Expand economic opportunity and mobility
  • Support metro stations and affordable housing to accommodate the increased demand to live in transit-rich areas

Criminal Justice Reform & Public Safety

  • Strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community
  • Mandatory sensitivity and implicit bias training for law enforcement
  • Increase diversity among police offices
  • Transforming Neighborhood Initiative which will dedicate government resources to reduce the disparity between communities
    • Develop forgotten neighborhoods across the state
  • Always looking to address the following issues which he thinks create crime
    • Lack of jobs
    • Poverty
    • Poor education
    • Reduce prison population

Record and Vision

  • Created 16,000+ jobs
  • Reduced crime by 55%
  • Public school enrollment and graduation rates are increasing
  • $9 billion of economic development
  • Diversified education
  • Property values are up 61%
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