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Trees down throughout Baltimore County causing minor damage

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 09:18:45-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — "Crazy weather this summer. Crazy storms," said Margaret Green as she stood next to tree blocking the road she lives on.

Green has lived off of Greenspring Valley Road her whole life. She said the summer storms have caused several trees to fall down on her property. Monday's storm caused a tree to block Greenspring Valley Road and took out the power on the street.

She said that a large tree hit a smaller one and caused a pretty big mess.

Another large tree came down in the Gwynn Oak area just as Adrian White was getting his family to safety after hearing the tornado warning.

"As soon as I go to the bottom of the stairs, I go in the living room and see the tree go across the yard," said White

The tree missed his home and his neighbor's home.

"I started yelling to him, are you alright? Are you alright? And he yelled, I'm good," White said.

His neighbor, Anthony Hawkins, saw the tree fall too.

"The wind started picking up real big," said Hawkins. "I seen the trees blow, and I looked out the window and the root of the tree just came up and it just laid over."

The branches barely hit his home.

"A couple of top limbs touched my porch here. Just a matter of cleaning up," said Hawkins. "I have a fence on the other side that was destroyed. It can be replaced. Their fence is destroyed also."

These neighbors said this isn't the first time a big tree came down in their neighborhood. A few years ago they said a tree, from the same yard fell on another home and destroyed it. They're just happy this time, everyone is okay.

"Just a blessing no one is hurt," said Hawkins.

"I'm feeling very lucky," White added.