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Braving the cold for hot deals in Balt. County

Posted at 11:15 PM, Nov 22, 2018

If you wanted the hottest deals you had to brave the cold.

At 5 am on Thanksgiving Koron Cruz and Tyler Joyner were the first ones in line at Best Buy in Timonium.

“I’m not too sure if my family is happy about it but I’ll try to make it up for it,” Kruz said.

Familiar scenes all over the country, people forgoing firsts and seconds at the table to slim the financial impact on their wallets.

 “I’m just looking for Christmas gifts, Snuggies, sweaters, stuff to keep you warm,” Shawn Venni a shopper at Towson Town Center said.

For Joyner, a veteran Black Friday line waiter, his biggest mistake was not packing a lunch.

 “We decided to take a tiny little break and I went to McDonald’s, but came back and tracked through the entire day,” Joyner said.

Lines aren't for everyone; some people tried their luck at the mall-- no lines outside the Towson Town Center.

 “Anything you are looking for you’ll see it in the mall,” Venni said. “Plus it’s warm you’re already in the mall you’re warm. Anything you’re looking for doorbusters.”

But getting that special gift makes any wait worth it.

The cold and hungry wait will seem like a distant memory when the smiles of appreciation warm up their hearts.

“I don’t like to say how I got it, I just be very minimum this is from you no problem,” said Joyner.

Best Buy closed down at 1 am Thursday night and will reopen at 8 am on Friday.