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BCPS: Chromebooks not impacted by cyber attack, students & staff shouldn't use HP Revolves or Probooks

US officials: Russian 'digital fingerprints' all over election hacks
Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 13:31:41-05

TOWSON, Md. — Chromebooks issued by Baltimore County Public Schools are safe from last weeks cyber attack, according to officials.

Staff and students still shouldn't use any issued Windows-based devices such as HP Revolves or Probooks, until further notice.

It's a bit of good news following the news that schools would remain closed through at least Tuesday.

"It affects my ability to work and her ability to learn," said Baltimore County parent Allison Ayala.

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"We are still figuring that out as to what happens for her education but right now. In a way she kind of sees it like an extended Thanksgiving break. We just hope it doesn’t last too long," Ayala said.

BCPS was forced to shut down last Wednesday following the attack on their technology system.

Since then, they’ve been working to identify what was impacted to resume virtual learning.

During the closure, the school system has organized times for teachers to come in and have their laptops inspected for ransomware.
County officials said they understand how challenging this situation is for families and staff.

"It was already a difficult situation. All the children I know were a little bit behind in their studies already because the virtual learning was hard for them to figure out from the very beginning so it’s almost like getting kicked when you’re already down," said Ayala.

"It’s really just affected their routine and their ability to learn. It was actually quite nice to have the virtual learning because it gave them a routine every day and something for us to look forward to," said Bethany Gallagher, another parent.

Baltimore City government was attacked by ransomware in 2019. It took weeks to get operations back on line and the finance department estimated the attack costed the city $18 million.

Baltimore County parents hope this case is not as severe.

"I’m really hopeful. I would love for them to go back Wednesday," said Gallagher.

Student meals are available on Mondays and Wednesdays.