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Thousands attend Detective Sean Suiter's funeral

Detective Sean Suiter's funeral in Baltimore
Detective Sean Suiter's funeral in Baltimore
Posted at 9:37 AM, Nov 29, 2017

On Wednesday thousands were at Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries in Baltimore to attend Detective Sean Suiter's funeral. 

Honor guards marched for Suiter to remember and celebrate him. Inside the funeral, programs were handed out featuring colleges of the fallen detective. 

When Suiter's family arrived, law enforcement agencies gave them a full salute. 

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During the funeral, the focus was more on a celebration of life, than talking about the death of Suiter. 

Commissioner Kevin Davis spoke about Suiter's past and even cracked some jokes. Davis talked about Suiter's character, how he served his country his entire adult life, and how Suiter constantly gave to others. 

Mayor Catherine Pugh talked about how her heart grieves for Suiter and for the city of Baltimore. She said she is dedicated to protecting the citizens and police officers in the city and talked about how she hopes to have 3,000 officers patrolling the community. Pugh ended her eulogy by talking about how Suiter's family is loved by all and she talked about how important Suiter was. 

Governor Larry Hogan also spoke at the funeral, and he focused his eulogy on how Suiter lived and died a hero. Hogan said he was a cop that served with integrity, you could count on him, and he was loved by his family and brothers in blue. 

Suiter's son Marquis read a powerful poem that was to his mother, Nicole. The poem was written as if his father was speaking. He later came back up with the rest of his siblings to a say a final goodbye, where they thanked their father for what he taught them and how much they all miss him. 

His squad from the Baltimore Police homicide unit got on stage in suits to honor their fallen friend and co-worker. Detective Jonathon Jones was speaking and said, "Sean was with us right from jump." Jones also said that Suiter had a very special way of dealing with families. 

"There are no words perfect enough to describe the man he was. He made me a better person every time I was around him," said homicide detective Eric Perez. Perez worked with Suiter in the Western District of Baltimore before they both joined the homicide division. 

The funeral ended with Bishop Clifford John of Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries speaking and thanking Suiter for his service, and how Suiter has had 13 days with Jesus already. 

Baltimore Police said they are planning to release more information about Suiter's death on Thursday.