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Mother remembers son, YMCA coach killed after home invasion

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jan 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-09 23:22:42-05

BALTIMORE — It’s been two months since Jordan Taylor was shot during a home invasion. He was inside his home with his wife when it happened.

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“You’re texting or talking one minute and a few hours later you’re at shock trauma,” said Julie Taylor, Jordan’s mother. "This particular way having him taken so violently and suddenly is just not something you can process, it’s impossible for you to process it so it’s going to be a journey for all of us.”

Julie talked about how her son was driven and extremely hard working. She described her son with these words, “grace, modesty, kindness, deep intelligence, and dry wit. I would add caring and compassion and loyalty.”

Jordan was know by many in the community as Coach Jordan from the Catonsville YMCA. Something Julie, never saw him becoming.

“Jordan wanted to be an intelligence analyst. He wanted to do some form of government type of work,” said Julie. "He put a lot of hours. He went above and beyond in everything he did but no I never dreamed that, that would be his mark.”

Coach Jordan is his legacy. He started there when he was just a teenager doing summer camp. He graduated college from the University of Lynchburg and then got his Master from James Madison University.

Julie said after he graduated the economy wasn’t great and he had a hard time finding a full-time job but the Y was always there. Jordan wound up working his way up over the years and became the sports director.

“We’ve lost just a really good person. Someone who’s personal mantra was just to do his best and make connections,” said Julie.

She read some comments made by people who knew Jordan.

These were from colleagues: “Jordan was a valued community leader and an incredible force for good. Jordan was special. Kids automatically gravitated to him. Jordan was not able to have a chance to be a biological father but already was to many. Coach Jordan, the CEO noticed when visiting last summer it was like walking around with a rockstar. He was clearly loved and admired by all the kids and counselors. Jordan presented the best among us. Jordan was an example to us all and made the world a better place, may all of us seek to be a change maker.”

These comments were from parents: “Jordan was an extraordinary instructor who was patient, kind and always had a smile on his face. My son would routinely ask if he had y sports on the calendar because he loved it so much and was fond of Coach Jordan. Our son eagerly bonded with coach Jordan and couldn’t get enough of him and participated in very sport. Coach Jordan took extra time to send emails to parents about their child’s progress. I enjoyed his wit and humor.”

Julie had a framed picture drawn by a six-year-old. She said it was a school assignment to draw a picture with your best friend and she drew Coach Jordan.

"The fact that she would take the time to draw that meant a lot to us and I think speaks towards the impact that he had,” she said.

A loss for the entire community.

“He seemed to just make things better for people and that’s just gonna be what’s sad for everyone that he’s gonna be greatly missed, especially in our family. For the y and for what could have been,” Julie said.

The Catonsville Y created the Jordan Taylor Youth Development Fund in honor of Jordan to help families pay for the youth programs he was dedicated too. Now, they’re dedicating their rock wall to Jordan as well.

There have been no arrests made in connection to this case. The reward is now up to $20,000 so if you know anything all Baltimore Police, Crimestoppers or ATF.