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Sean the wrestler defies odds in first winning match

Autism isn't holding him back one bit!
Posted at 11:36 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-21 09:39:06-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Every afternoon sophomore Sean Garlington drops his book bag and runs to the backyard.

He wants to talk about his day at Broadneck High, about him winning his very first wrestling match, and about his big brother Mike who is so good at wrestling, he just won a state championship.

"It was pretty good, I mean it wasn't really expected by anyone which made it a lot better," said Mike.

Mike, the senior, was on his back, down by one point when he saw Sean screaming from the stands. It helped him turn it around and win.

"I love my brother, he is my best friend ever," Sean said.

You see Sean has autism. He was told he would never talk. He was told he would never play baseball, or football and never wrestle.

Well, never just got pinned.

"He proves so many people wrong everyday, he does things that we are so incredibly proud of," said the boy's mom Sarah.

Walking the halls of school with Sean is almost like walking with Cardi B.

"He is definitely a superstar, he can't walk down the hallway without someone saying hello to him," said on staff member at the school.

"I think what's impressive about Mike and Sean is how similar they are," said another staffer.

It doesn't matter about the medals or standing up on the podium, the real trophy goes to mom and dad. Sean's parents, Jonathan and Sarah, have done a tremendous job raising two stellar sons.

"When he was born and he was younger we didn't think it would ever be possible," said his dad.

"He thinks I inspire him, but he inspires me," said MIke.

And who does Sean talk to every day in his Arnold backyard? His other best friend, his dog Nigel. The dog he loved died a few months ago and Sean goes to his burial site every single day to talk.

It's incredible to see a young man who had nothing to say, now says enough to inspire us all.