Baltimore reacts to Kavanaugh, Ford hearing

Posted at 6:23 PM, Sep 27, 2018

Against the backdrop of what Judge Brett Kavanaugh himself called a circus, and on the busy, loud intersection of Pratt and Light Streets in downtown Baltimore…a silent protest.

"We just wanted to show solidarity for Dr. Ford that we understand, and we believe them," said Patricia Watson with Baltimore Women United who organized the small protest.

Some passersby supported the pro-Ford message with high fives or honking while others glared.

The division politically is clear, but Watson says there is a bigger message in all of this.

"I think it is opening up a dialogue. I know with our kids it is opening up dialogues of just things you should and shouldn’t do and how to be supportive of people when they need help," Watson said.

Politics aside, that is exactly the view of the House of Ruth.

The spectacle of this hearing has its implications on Capitol Hill and the high court but for therapists and the like, believing victims, allowing them to come forward and be heard is a huge take away from this seminal moment in American History.

"It's a positive that we are willing to address the issue head-on even though it is sad that we still have to have these conversations," said Janice Miller, Director of Clinical Services for the House of Ruth.

If today was helpful at all she says, it serves as a flood light.

"It is good that the conversation is coming out of the shadows,” Miller said, “I think for too long we have called gender-based violence issues a family matter and something that needs to be handled behind closed doors when really what this is a public health issue."

The other positive thing that could come of this Miller says is that other victims may feel empowered to come forward.

If so, she wants to remind people of their services and the 24-hour hotline: 410--889-7884.