Ants crawl onto man's breathing device during stay at Circus Circus in Las Vegas

Popular Las Vegas resort apologized
Posted at 10:01 AM, Dec 13, 2016
A man is concerned for his health after ants crawled onto his CPAP machine while he was staying at Circus Circus resort in Las Vegas.
Thaddeus Thomas was in Vegas for work earlier in December. One morning he woke up in his Circus Circus hotel room covered in ants.
Thomas said the hotel came to check out the issue, but not before he found the bugs crawling on his CPAP machine, a breathing device used to treat sleep apnea. His doctor told him to stop using the device and get a new one in case the ants laid eggs.
The machines cost hundreds of dollars. Thomas is waiting to see if the hotel can help him pay for it. Meanwhile, he's losing sleep.
"My heart was beating so uncontrollably fast, and I couldn't do anything about it," he said. "I was thinking about all my parents and siblings that died from heart attacks, and I just had a stint placed in my heart. I'm not supposed to get excited, and I could not calm down."
Circus Circus released a statement saying that they took every step they could to help the guest. They apologized for the inconvenience.