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Witness attempted to help man who died in five-car crash that injured 7 others in Baltimore

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 23:13:03-04

BALTIMORE — Crews cleaned up a horrific scene in South Baltimore.

A man died, and several other people were injured, in a five-car crash in the 900 block on Patapsco Avenue.

Martin Trusdale was eating lunch nearby when he heard the crash around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

He heard tires screeching and a loud bang, unlike any he has heard before.

“It was gruesome. It was horrible to see,” Trusdale said.

Trusdale said he attempted to rescue a man from his car.

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Seven people were injured, aside from the man who died.

“So we rushed to Patapsco to try and get the guy out,” Trusdale said. “Once we got down here, we saw him stuck in the car, pulling on the doors. His car was upside down.”

Cellphone provided to WMAR-2 News shows a clear picture of the damage done to the cars involved.

Witnesses said the driver of an SUV lost control, hit the median, sending it airborne into other cars.

Trusdale said he wished he could’ve saved the man who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

“It breaks my heart. I’m going to have that image in my head for weeks,” Trusdale said. “This road is terrible.”

Louis Smith, who owns US Audio located across the street from the scene of the crash, said this isn’t the first crash that’s happened on a road, and speeding is the major cause.

“Six months ago, almost the same exact thing. Guy lost control, hit that median, same one flipped his car, it landed on its wheels into that telephone pole,” Smith said.

Smith said speed cameras are needed in the area to get drivers to slow down.

“Speed cameras would be perfect,” Smith said.

The other people hurt in the crash suffered non-life-threatening injuries

The police department’s crash team is investigating.