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West Baltimore mass shooting amplifies calls for answers to violence

Posted at 8:52 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 12:48:23-04

BALTIMORE — In the last 24 hours Baltimore City hit 151 homicides.

In the middle of the afternoon 6 people were shot in one incident in West Baltimore.

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“We’re tired, everyday is a shooting and until you get a knock on your door you will never understand this,” one woman said.

The people we talked to didn’t want to go on camera out of fear of retaliation.

One woman who lives in West Baltimore told me she’s got bullet holes in her vehicle from crossfire.

“Almost hit my children, on top of that my child is so young, my child can’t even go outside and play,” she said. “Right now it’s only five in the afternoon and six people shot. Enough is enough.”

Police received a shot spotter alert and calls into dispatch on Wednesday afternoon. Commissioner Harrison said it took about two minutes for the first office to get to the scene.

Officers found two victims, puddles of blood, and shell casings.

Those two victims were brought to hospitals.

Four other people were shot and police found them at the hospital,

One victim, 59-year-old Leslie Jerome Gibson, died.

Police believe the six people were together and two or three people shot at them from the intersection of Smallwood and Lexington, and ran away.

“A very brazen, very cowardly act of shooting indiscriminately into a block where they hit six people and potentially could have hit and killed many others,” said Harrison.

The victims are four men with ages ranging from 26 to 44, a 16 year old boy, and a man that was killed who police haven’t identified yet.

The other five victims are in serious to critical condition.

“We know this is an unfortunate thing that happens in this area of West Baltimore,” said Mayor Brandon Scott. “We will not and we cannot accept that. The commissioner and I just a few weeks ago along with the brothers of We Our Us were talking with residents in this area of West Baltimore about how we can work together around this very specific issue.”

This comes after a man was shot and killed at Mondawmin Mall two days ago.

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In the Northeast district police are investigating a shooting on Belair Rd where two men were shot and one was killed.

Other side of the city but same story- the people who live there are fed up and terrified to put their face out there when they speak out.

“I just don’t think that in the areas that need a police presence that they are there,” she said. “That’s something that the mayor should concentrate on. He keeps saying he’s new to mayor but he’s been in politics for over ten years. He’s not new to the system.”

Mayor Scott said the crime walks they do are effective and they are just a small part of their plan to address violence in the city.

“We have a 51% clearance rate for homicides. We are going to find these people like we’ve been finding everyone else. We are going to hold them accountable. We’re also going to make sure we are bettering our partnerships. That’s why we are restarting the criminal Justice coordinating council so that these individuals, the police department are not consistently having to go out and arrest people for murder who were arrested in Baltimore County for gun charges or somewhere else in the state or somewhere else in the city earlier this year.”

The teen was shot in the forearm, and the four other men are in critical but stable condition.

This happened in the middle of the day and police need the communities help to figure out who is responsible for this mass shooting and the other two shootings in the last 24 hours.

Those who wish to remain anonymous can utilize the Metro Crime Stoppers tip line, at 1-866-7LOCK-UP. You can also submit an anonymous online text-tip to Metro Crime Stoppers by visiting the MCS website.