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Travelers still inconvenienced by Southwest after they can't find luggage

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Posted at 10:11 PM, Dec 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-29 08:04:22-05

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — It's days after the Christmas holiday and the travel trouble at BWI Airport continues, especially with Southwest Airlines after another round of flights were cancelled Wednesday.

Southwest had over 2,500 cancelled flights across the country Wednesday. According to Flight Aware, 203 of those cancellations happened at the BWI Airport.

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Piles of luggage sectioned off around the baggage claim area leave people searching to see if their bags made it.

"Tried to travel out on Christmas Eve to go to Miami and waited for a few hours and our flight got cancelled,” said Curtis Murray, Southwest customer.

While Murray and his family didn't get on the flight, their luggage did. He says they checked 11 bags, but so far only four have been found.

"We got a phone call saying our bags were here and then they’re saying they're not here, then they said they're in Miami and I’m here now, I found four. They say that the rest of them are somewhere, but I can't find them,” said Murray.

Other families like Ben Mielcarek and his parents took a different route.

After their flight to the Grand Cayman from BWI was cancelled on Christmas day, their bags went, but they didn't.

"After the flight got cancelled, the airline told us they were unable to retrieve our bags, they were unable to take them off the plane because they were short of staff,” said Mielcarek.

That's when they hit the road, finding another flight to Grand Cayman out of Fort Lauderdale, but upon arrival they were let down again.

"We get to Fort Lauderdale after a 15 and half hour drive and out bags aren't there. So we buy some clothes and try to catch this next flight anyway. That flight also gets cancelled,” said Mielcarek.

Southwest CEO Bob Jordan sent out a video apologizing to customers and crews and promised to make things right as soon as possible.

A statement from Southwest was also sent to WMAR saying they plan to operate on a reduced schedule for the next couple of days to play catch up----only flying one third of their planned flights.

Southwest has already cancelled 106 flights out of BWI for Thursday.

If you are affected by the southwest flight cancellations click these links for information on how to rebook, get a refund or find your luggage: