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'I'm not thrilled with Southwest': Travelers upset after Southwest cancels 60% of flights after holiday

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Posted at 6:38 PM, Dec 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-27 21:00:03-05

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — As most of us are decompressing after the holiday, some are stuck in airports around the country. BWI is no different.

Nationally, Southwest has canceled nearly 60% of its flights.

Kay Townsond and her daughter Robin Townsond are in line to try and get a hotel voucher. They are trying to get back to Maine to relieve the cat sitter.

"And in case there is a plane out tomorrow, but I doubt it, and it's probably going to be New Years Eve before we can leave," Kay said.

"I don't know if I want to take Southwest again. I mean, it's not the best. I've had better experiences on other flights," Robin said.

Jimmy Wand of Annapolis is trying to get ahead of the game. On the 29th, he had his flight to New Orleans canceled for a big family get together.

" I am caught in this mess," Wand said.

There are a lot of people checking out the boards today and even people without taking problems, that doesn't mean they are without worry.

"We had a late game last night," Martin Keithline said.

Keithline and the his high school team from Forestville, Maryland are in the middle of a full court press. Last night, the team played a tournament in Salisbury.

The game went into five overtimes and they won. Now, they are back here at BWI going to a tournament in Florida. They are traveling with 25 people.

The boys team has tickets, but the girl's teams' flights were canceled.

"So, I've been on the website all day trying to get a hold of somebody. You can't contact anybody at web services. No phone numbers are working right now for Southwest, so it's a little hectic," Keithline said.

BWI is not alone with the Southwest problem, it's happening all across the country. Southwest says they are dealing with weather and staffing issues. These cancellations have people rethinking their travel choices.

I'm not thrilled with Southwest at all," Kay said.

A sentiment here and nationally by many travelers.