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Possible changes for problematic intersection in Baltimore

Posted at 7:09 PM, May 28, 2021

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore City leader is addressing a traffic issue in her district we brought to you just a few weeks ago.

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A nearby business owner witnessed three accidents in just one day at the intersection of Hurley and Wilkins Avenue.

Now councilwoman Phylicia Porter says its one of her top priorities to correct.

Approaching her 7th month in office, Porter says she knows District 10 has some critical needs she must address.

"When I saw this one, this was on my radar but I did not have an indication of how bad actually was," she said.

Asad Williams earlier this month showed us how low hanging limbs blocking drivers' view of traffic lights, along with faded lines showing drivers where they should stop were a few contributing factors to frequent crashes.

As well as this sign heading into the intersection knocked in the wrong direction. They’re all key factors Councilwoman Porter is hoping to eliminate.

She shared some of her ideas to improve safety in the area like installing speed cameras similar to what Williams proposed, speed bumps and the most obvious, more focused, intentional patrol.

"With the southwest police district just nearby this is an opportunity for us to begin to have some sort of coordinated approach with the Baltimore City Police department as well on this issue," Porter said.

Porter tells us while some of those measures have already been enacted like involving BPD, others could take more time.

In the meantime though she says advocating for more funding toward traffic calming measures throughout the city and working to ensure Mayor Scott and his administration are aware of the problem’s severity.

Now, that issue is a little more concentrated in district ten but it reflects a broader need for transportation improvements across other districts within the city of Baltimore

"This is a public safety issue now when we’re seeing speeding in this particular intersection that could have resulted in a loss of life, it transfers over into a public safety issue," Porter said.

Councilwoman Porter shared along with frequent check-ins with the department of transportation, within the next two weeks, her office will be conducting a mass canvasing effort where more business owners and residents within District 10 can weigh in with their concerns.