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Three crashes in one day at local intersection is cause for concern

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 07, 2021

BALTIMORE — At the intersection of Wilkins and Hurley Avenue the debris field tells part of the story and folks in the area say every week, it's not a matter of 'if' there will be a crash but 'when'.

Asad Williams owns a business just feet up the road and he says crashes near this intersection happen about three times a week.

But on Wednesday, he witnessed 3 crashes, a serious one that morning, a fender bender that afternoon and a third crash that evening involving a baby.

He says that was the final straw and he knows something has to be done about it.

A few contributing factors he says are low hanging limbs blocking drivers' view of the traffic light heading westbound on Wilkins Avenue along with faded lines that show drivers where they should stop.

Something we noticed is the sign along Hurley Avenue heading into the intersection knocked in the wrong direction, no longer in clear view for drivers.

The obvious concern though, speeding.

Asad says folks in the area would appreciate more patrol units to enforce traffic violations.

"I know they're short-handed in the police department area and fund wise and everything," said Dennis Sult, a pedestrian in the area.

"Maybe we can get speed cameras coming down here," Asad proposed.

"I accidents down here at least once a week right in here and up and down the street I see one everyday," Sult added.

Until the city is able to address the issue, for the sake of business and public safety residents are asking folks to take the first step and slow down.