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Police investigating after man was found dead on sidewalk in Essex

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Posted at 9:19 PM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 15:00:29-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Baltimore County Police are still investigating what led to one man's death early Thursday morning in the 1000 block of Old Eastern Avenue in Essex.

"A lot of people feel this area is dangerous, but any area that you live in can be dangerous, it's not just so much as I would say the area it's the people,” said Isra Jinkins who lives in Essex.

According to the Baltimore County Police, around 5:40 a.m., a patrol officer spotted Andrew S. Miller, 27, on the sidewalk suffering from what appeared to be upper body injuries.

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"I looked out the window and I was like wow they had the whole Eastern Avenue blocked off, like 40 or 50 cop cars stretching the whole side of the road,” said Cory Myers who lives across the street from where the incident occurred.

Myers lives across the street from where Miller's body was found and says he watched paramedics pick him up off the sidewalk and away from the scene.

"Who comes outside that early in the morning with that much hate in their heart," said Myers.

Tiffany Wheeler was waiting half a block away for the bus because she didn't want to be close to where the incident occurred.

She's not from the Essex area and says she was getting off the bus this morning for work when a swarm of police startled her.

"Well I just seen the yellow tape and a bunch of officers and detectives walking around, it made me really nervous, I don't frequent this area so I was like what am I getting myself into,” said Wheeler who saw crime scene Thursday morning.

Detectives say evidence around the area is still being combed through to find a suspect.

"Through our detective's investigation, they have realized that this is an isolated incident that they believe is an actual homicide,” said Detective Trae Corbin.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Baltimore County Homicide Detectives at 410-307-2020.