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Police investigate ATM theft at BP gas station on Reisterstown Road

Posted at 11:20 PM, Dec 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-19 23:20:53-05

BALTIMORE — Take a look at this.....

A white van smashed through the front of a BP gas station on Reisterstown Road.

You can see two men get out of the van and make their way into the store.

Now a look at the inside, seconds after the first impact.

The men have their faces covered and go right over to the ATM.

The driver bashes into the store a few more times, knocking the machine loose from the wall.

That's when the two men pick it up and haul it outside.

We spoke to an employee who was shocked by the crime and says the lost ATM is just a fraction of damage.

"It's shocking. It's the weekend so we still have to assess the full damage done to the building. It's significant. It's a significant amount of damage done to the building. More than the stealing of the ATM is the structural damage to the building."

The manager added that an uptick in ATM related crimes does have her considering whether or not it is worth it to have an ATM in the store.

She says no one was hurt during the incident.

If you see the men involved or the van they used which read "Avai Solutions" on the side, Call police.