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Minor arrested for carjacking, running over mother delivering Amazon packages

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Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 08:12:00-04

BALTIMORE — A minor was arrested for carjacking a woman who was delivering Amazon packages early Saturday morning in the area of Baltimore's Wyman Park.

Police have not said what charges the minor is facing, or have not released the minor's name.

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Woman struck by car during carjacking

However, the minor is accused of stealing the car of a single mother who was on the job delivering packages around 4 a.m. at the corner of Craycombe and Beech avenues. As she attempted to stop the carjacker, she was run over by her own car.

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Chelsea Nicolette, 39 years old, was so badly injured that she required surgery.

"She has a broken hip, broken pelvis, broken shoulder, few broken ribs and a collapsed lung. It is very sad. I'm upset a person would do this to anyone," her sister Tiffany Nicolette told WMAR-2 News.

Chelsea Nicolette reportedly left her car running while delivering Amazon packages.

“The assailant got out of the car, grabbed the key off of her belt loop and left with all the packages with the car and everything, and my poor sister after being struck was left lying in the street, Tiffany Nicolette said.