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'It sends the wrong message to the community': Former Baltimore prosecutor reacts to Mosby’s federal indictment

Marilyn Mosby
Posted at 10:01 PM, Jan 14, 2022

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby proclaimed her innocence during a news conference Friday as she vowed to not allow a federal indictment to distract her from serving the citizens of Baltimore.

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Former Baltimore prosecutor and now defense attorney Andrew Alperstein said while she is innocent until proven guilty, her legal troubles could lead residents to lose confidence in her and her office.

“Even when people are charged with crimes, it’s important that they feel the system, even that person needs to feel like that the system is fair,” he said. “Is the prosecutor’s office being harder on me, so they don’t look like it’s being easier because their boss is charged with the same crime I’m charged with.”

Alperstein also believes the working relationship between the U.S attorney’s office and her office could be damaged beyond repair which sends a bad message to the community. He said it’s critical for them to be in unison on criminal cases in the fight against crime.

“Human beings are dying every day in this city. It is a disaster. It’s been going on the entire time since she’s been the state’s attorney,” he said. “How is it going to get better when the state’s attorney is now charged with honesty-related crimes?”