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'It almost took me out': 83-year-old Baltimore woman describes terrifying night of getting shot while lying in bed

Posted at 5:38 PM, May 31, 2022

BALTIMORE — An 83-year-old woman is recovering after she was shot while lying on her bed.

Marjorie Tyson said it happened last Friday on the Northwest side of Baltimore at her home near Wakefield and Lawina roads.

Tyson said she was reading her daily bread right before bed when a bullet came through her window, hitting her in the arm.

She now has a message for the shooter.

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“I’m a great grandmother and it almost took me out,” Tyson said.

Woman talks about bullet hitting her while in bedroom

Tyson said she’s lived in her home for nearly 40 years and that night was one of the scariest nights of her life.

“All I know is, I went to bed and I do my little reading at night, then all at once, something hit me," Tyson said. "I thought it was a bug bit me because who would think a bullet will come through the window. And I started screaming and my son come running down the steps."


Tyson said she had no idea she was shot until her son came to the rescue.

“He saw the blood and he realized it wasn’t a bite, it was something else, it was the bullet," Tyson said. "All I could do was grab my son by his pants and say it’s hurting, it’s hurting."

Woman was shot while lying in bed at home

That bullet hole the size of a golf ball still shows in her bedroom window.

Tyson said that night was one of the most frightening things she’s ever experienced. Now she’s working on recovering.

“It went in my arm up here and it went down and came out down here," Tyson said. "By the grace of God it didn’t do anything to me. It could’ve went in the chest, who knows. I don’t know. All I know is it hurt. I try to keep moving these fingers so they don’t get too stiff and tomorrow I will go for therapy."

Woman gets shot while reading, lying in bed at home

Tyson has a response for the shooter.

“I know you didn’t know me and you were playing with a gun and it came in and almost killed me," Tyson said. "I’m a grandmother, great grandmother. Whoever shot this, please watch what you’re doing and get it right. Get rid of the gun."

No word yet from police concerning if there are any suspects.

However, Mrs. Tyson said although she’s in good spirits, she’s pleading for people to put the guns down in Baltimore City so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.